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Oct, 2019

Cafe 58 Update - Pre-Halloween Edition

Hi Soccer fans, ghouls, goblins. and other spirited individuals,

Trick or Treat - The Halloween edition of the Café 58, always one of my fav’s.  This update will be short and sweet, just like most of our kids will be next Thursday night !!!

First - an update on the repairs to Café 58... We got new fryers last week, cleaned up the place, restocked all of our food and have made arrangements to repair the doors and upgrade the security.  We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS as usual on Saturday morning starting at 7:00am for breakfast.  The bathrooms are still not accessible so we have CLEAN porta-potties located next to our big green equipment storage bin - they will have a sticker on them saying "AYSO"; the other porta-potties by the drinking fountain are open to general population and might not be as clean or "welcoming" as the AYSO ones.  Thank you to everyone who has supported us through your time, donations and purchases during the last two weeks.

Second - Thank you to those who have signed up, and we still need lots of volunteers in the afternoon for ALL division day shifts. Please sign up at the link below, even if it is not your Division Day - enough said...

Third - 3 tips for this Saturday:

Tip # 1  Special Saturday at Café 58 –Silent Saturday
Tip # 2  Breakfast on Saturday starting at 7:00 am, as always
Tip # 3  Answer to the age-old question – when does Café 58 close in the afternoon???

Tip #1 - Special Saturday at Café 58 – Silent Saturday

            No reason to be Silent about this Saturday tip – the best way to celebrate in the "spirit" of Silent Saturday is to be munching on some good food during the game, or enjoy one of those sugar-free Kids Zone lollipops (that will be handed out to the teams with the game cards, while supplies last).  Come to Cafe 58 before your game and get some breakfast or lunch to enjoy while watching your kids play - just don't spill that coffee or iced tea or smoothie if you jump up when you kid makes that awesome defensive play or scores a goal.

Tip #2 - Breakfast on Saturday starting at 7:00 am, as always

            Well we actually considered making the egg sandwiches ORANGE, but that might not be too appetizing.  But that won't stop us from making our pancakes orange!!!!  Stop by Café 58 for breakfast and see what other tricks the GOG (“Guys/Gals ‘O Grill”) Squad has in store for you.  The interesting thing is that we still get people coming around lunch time who do not know that we have AWESOME breakfast.  How can that be???  Perhaps we should post signs throughout the fields saying that we are open for breakfast (oh, we already do that). Or maybe we should tell everyone we see that we have great Groundwork Organic COFFEE, Umpqua Oatmeal cups, Hot Chocolate, pancakes, egg sandwiches and donuts (oh, we already do that too).  Maybe we should offer the egg sandwiches WITH or WITHOUT MEAT, your choice, on a warm English muffin (oh, we already do that too).  I guess the only thing left is for us to just start flinging orange pancakes like frisbees at people as they walk by the Café 58, totally oblivious to the fact that we are serving breakfast.  I believe the GOG’s did this last year, and it's Halloween, so you never know what the GOG's will do to scare up some more business.

Tip #3 - Answer to the age-old question - WHEN DOES THE SNACK BAR CLOSE IN THE AFTERNOON???

            Every Saturday we get asked the same question (normally by different people, but sometimes by the same people, which is somewhat disconcerting as we tell them the same answer every week). Since there are games for several divisions that don't end until around 3:00pm, we try to stay open until just about 3:30 (if we have enough volunteers to help) to give those teams the opportunity to get some after game snack (churros, pretzels, ice cream and smoothies tend to satisfy the mid-afternoon munchies.)  Hey, it's almost Halloween and kids can't survive on candy alone – give them a Churro as a healthier alternative!!!

As always, we want to thank our Café 58 sponsors again:  Umpqua Oats, Central Valley Builders Supply and Groundwork Coffee for supporting our community with their VERY generous donations each week. 

Lastly, enjoy your games on Saturday, keep hydrated (it's going to be hot again), and let's all have a safe, fair and fun day.  Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, please come to Café 58 to support our program.

Joe Lewis, Jaime Timsit, Roxy Yoonessi
Café 58 Managers, AYSO Region 58

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